Pathway in the Sea

Ever see a butterfly flutter by? John 3:7-8

Psalm 77:19

Thy way is in the sea, and thy path in the great waters, and thy footsteps are not known.

"The best way to show that a stick is crooked is not to argue about it or to spend time denouncing it, but to lay a straight stick along side it."

-D. L. Moody

Friday, December 28, 2007

Last night I watched "Shockwave", a new show on one of the iterations of "The History Channel". One of the events featured on the show was a tornado that struck Attica, Kansas. Storm chasers recorded the destruction of a house on video. There were people in it at the time. One of them commented that the tornado sucked all the air out as it passed, making her unable to breathe. There was a graphic aid presented that illustrated the hypothesis that the rotational motion of the tornado starts on an axis parallel to the ground and then evolves into the familiar vertical orientation of the "fully developed" twister. This is the state of the art in tornado theory, and I have seen it presented on other "storm chaser"- type documentaries. There is absolutely no evidence to give rise to this nonsense, and I'd like to know how much the babbling idiots that proposed it are paid for their efforts, because it is a waste of money.
( If you detect a note of hostility towards the "scientific" community, it is directed towards those counterfeit "scientists" who prostitute themselves for money and fame by twisting the interpretation of or suppressing the data in order to garner favor with the New World Order purveyors of the gospel of Satan, which is amoral materialistic humanism, and to rule out the very possibility that God created us, let alone that He has loved us in offering Himself for us in the Person of His Son on the cross, so that He can freely give us eternal life, thereby saving us from our sins and delivering us from the very appropriate and eminently deserved wrath to come, which God will pour out on those who refuse to be reconciled, but rather elect to remain His enemies without cause. Such "scientists" are selling intellectual fig leaves which will whither and crumble in the Presence of God in the Day of Wrath, leaving their wearers exposed to absolute, inexcusable and everlasting condemnation. My hostility is actually pretty mild in light of what is at stake. God's hostility, on the other hand, will be bound by no such limits. Blessed be His holy name, for in righteousness He does judge and make war.)
The formation of tornadoes is readily explained by observations made elsewhere in God's creation, and by coherently correlating those observations with known meteorological information about the environment in which tornadoes are formed and the testimony of the survivors of direct contact with a tornado as noted above. In short, tornadoes suck.
I support my household employed in the field of residential plumbing service. Drain cleaning is a prominent band in the spectrum of the tasks that I am called upon to perform. I have observed a lot of water going down the drain. ( Much like the money paid to the researchers that came up with the "axially horizontal tornado genesis hypothesis". I am a high school dropout and only the most casual observer of meteorological phenomena. This is a deplorable state of affairs.)
What I have observed is this: the faster that water runs down a drain, the longer the vortex will be that reaches the surface. That vortex is created when the rate of liquid passing into the drain exceeds the rate at which the surrounding liquid can flow in to replace it. This differential creates a reduction in static pressure around the opening that actually destabilizes the boundary between air and water formed at the surface by gravity, and air is drawn into the opening with the moving water. ( When a drain is really clear, there is a distinct "slurping" sound that has evoked surprised comments from many an impressed customer.) This flow of fluids is invariably organized into a uniform rotational configuration unless it is disrupted, and will stabilize to this configuration if the interference is removed. Note that air is only drawn into the opening when the boundary, the surface of the water, is close enough to restrict the flow of water, and air is required to make up the difference in pressure.
Now invert the direction of flow from down to up and replace the primary fluid medium, a body of water, with the atmosphere. The boundary will remain the surface, except that the boundary is now below, instead of above, the fluid medium. In the case of waterspouts, the correlation is obvious and inescapable. In the case of tornadoes and their diminutive cousins, "dust devils", the correlation is a bit more subtle.
Dust devils are formed by thermal convection over level geography as air is heated by the sun on hot days. Dust and debris are drawn up into the vortex formed by air rushing into the negative pressure created as heated air draws cooler air in after it as it rises. The surface of the earth forms a boundary which restricts the flow of air, thus necessitating the pressure differential. This rush of air is typically organized into a rotational configuration except when disrupted.
Tornadoes are formed below "supercells", storm systems generated by massive atmospheric instability as warm humid air violently encounters drier cooler air, seeking equilibrium. Tornadoes occur in the "Great Plains", a gigantic area of level geographical topography. As air is drawn up into a "supercell", the flow is restricted by the proximity of the surface, generating the extreme pressure differential which took our survivor's breath away. The inrushing air is typically organized into a rotating vortex, generating the high velocity winds and drawing loose debris such as cars and houses into it. As this debris rises away from the restricting surface of the earth, it encounters a progressively less intense pressure differential and is released to fall back down to earth, considerably the worse for wear.

Can I have Al Gore's Nobel Prize? Do dreams really come true, over the rainbow?


12/2/07 Supplemental. On the formation of vortices.
The vortex is exactly what one would expect to see when a fluid medium is flowing away from a planar boundary in a perpendicular direction. The fluid at the surface of the plane must flow horizontally along the plane in converging lines toward the center and then it must change direction from horizontal to vertical to follow the direction of flow. Inertial momentum would prevent a direct right angle turn, so the converging fluid would gradually change direction, being deflected into a spiral motion and gradually changing from horizontal at the planar surface to more vertical as it moves away from the surface.
In the absence of the planar boundary, the fluid would flow in freely from all directions. It is the interaction between air flowing into thermal updrafts and the flat surface of the ground that creates tornadoes. DUH!

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