Pathway in the Sea

Ever see a butterfly flutter by? John 3:7-8

Psalm 77:19

Thy way is in the sea, and thy path in the great waters, and thy footsteps are not known.

"The best way to show that a stick is crooked is not to argue about it or to spend time denouncing it, but to lay a straight stick along side it."

-D. L. Moody

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Analysis of the "Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection".

Thanks to compulsory public education and the fascist hegemony of "secularism" over the academic, cultural and legal institutions of the now defunct United States of America, I don't need to familiarize my audience with the basics of Charles Darwin's theory of "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection". I will, therefore, proceed directly to the examination of the mechanism whereby his theory postulates organic life originated and diversified into the profusion of species that have lived and now exist in this cosmos that you and I indisputably find ourselves. Put simply, ( the very best way to go if you want to be readily understood, which, apparently, the majority of academia do not. They prefer to be admired from below with uncomprehending awe. How unlike God.) Darwin's theory attributes the infinitely superhuman biochemically, structurally, mechanically and aesthetically elegant innovations in the forms, functions, interactions and physiologically apparent interdependencies of the various species and their respective natural environments to a mindless and purposeless process of cosmic trial and error. (The "secular humanist" establishment [a deceptive front for the Luciferian fundamentalist New World Order] doesn't want you to think about that proposition for too long or too deeply. If you begin to comprehend its implications, you may succumb to an unadvisably violent rage. Best to leave vengeance in more capable hands. Actually, the violence in this world is a direct outworking of a fundamental hostility in human nature towards a false or distorted perception of the nature and character of the First Cause: God. Alas, I digress.)
Let's consider this objectively. (When I say objectively, I mean that I am scrutinizing the process on its own scientific merits.) Theoretically, life began when inorganic amino acids somehow became organized into interacting and self-replicating organisms which we will call the evolutionary proto-species. (By itself, this is a leap into a realm of wild fantasy so devoid of intellectual integrity and credibility that we can confidently dismiss this so-called theory right here, as it flies in the face of all the observable phenomena and physical characteristics of this present cosmos, but let's accompany this "descent of man" into obscure darkness and ignorant superstition a little further, since we're examining the "means of natural selection" as the agent of producing the various species, which merely finds its beginning here.) This proto-species, as it survived through subsequent generations, began "evolving" into diverse species through minor changes (called "mutations") in the organic information contained in its DNA, the self-replicating chemical that passes the composition and forms of "parents" to successive generations. (Again, attributing the appearance of such an information-preserving and reproducing mechanism as recombinant DNA in species to cosmic "happenstance" is an abandonment of intellectual credibility and integrity of monumental proportions in and of itself.) Are we to believe that physiological structures, such as our eyes, our ears, our brains, our mouths, and most improbably of all, our consciousness of ourselves and the cosmos we inhabit, are the result of this incalculably unlikely process? That this preposterous ( which adjective tumbles out musically when Ann Coulter employs it in her hint of a lisp) assertion is the result of scientific inquiry?
Answer this: how can random, unsupervised mutation consistently improve the form and function of living organisms and their various processes and structures to the barely comprehensible sophistication that we find ourselves surrounded with? This is such a ridiculously counter-intuitive notion that anyone who, after honestly and frankly considering it, still holds that it is rational, "scientific" or reasonable, is quite plainly a vicious, Creator-hating LIAR. (Christopher Hitchens, in defense of his evolution-based anti-theism, said of evolution, "We don't know how it happened,but we do know that it happened." That cannot possibly be true, and therefore it MUST BE A LIE! Mr. Hitchens is stating an insubstantiable assumption about our origins as a known fact in order to firm up the deception of his professed atheism.) Where's the life-generating "soup" with its pre-life compounds poised to combine into our "Great- to- the- hundredth- exponent- Grandperson" ? Remember, the process supposedly started with a featureless, simple, self-replicating biochemical anomaly I have called the proto-species. Where are the evolutionary equivalents of Edison's plethora of failed lightbulb experiments? What we see are only fully functional, diverse species. What we should see is a haphazard conglomeration of misshapen and malformed "freaks of nature" that would actually not be "freaks" at all, but would be normative and indistinguishable, as "abnormal" would be an abstract concept found only in the "science fiction" of the nightmarish Dali-esque alternative universe that anti-theists and Darwinists insist this one is.
This brings me to an episode of the PBS program "Nova", which "documented" the Dover, Pennsylvania flap over the school board introducing "intelligent design" materials into the science curricula.

On December 20, 2005, Judge John E. Jones III ruled in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that a public school district in Pennsylvania cannot teach Intelligent Design in a science class room, due to its religious origins. The separation of church and state, as required by the first amendment in the United States Constitution, prohibits any government agency from endorsing religious points of view.
If that is the truth, (which it is not, the first amendment prohibits congress from making law that interferes with religion in ANY way, as well as from making any law abridging freedom of speech. Judge Jones' ruling is yet another anti-theistic lie) then public schools have no business whatsoever teaching evolution as a competent account of the origins of life in this cosmos. It is a hopelessly insupportable departure from all standards of scientific inquiry. Proponents of evolution attribute the cause of infinitely superhuman phenomena and processes to the infinitely subhuman and hopelessly unqualified agency of random chance. Not only is this belligerently irrational, it is also anti-human and criminal. It is a fairy tale that begins and ends with the epitaph:..."and they lived miserably and meaninglessly ever since and ever after." Just what the Devil ordered.You cannot base the rule of law and civil government on it. Where there are no universal wrongs, there are no inalienable rights.I don't propose equal time for "intelligent design". I propose the categorical rejection of "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection" as the vicious anti-Creator and - human lie that it most demonstrably is, and that proponents of its dissemination be legally defined as the anti-Creator and -human criminals that they most demonstrably are. Of course, THAT would require toppling the entire superstructure of the "New Deal" national-emergency pretexted federal hyper-state as it now exists, along with its accomplices in big business and big media, and THAT would require drastic Divine intervention of Tower of Babel proportions. But be of good cheer! It's infinitely more likely than "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection"!

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